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Laser engraving and cutting machines to play in the future-oriented processing technology is becoming increasingly important and replace many conventional methods.
The tremendous processing speed and the precision and advanced editing options speak quite clearly for the laser

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Why use a laser?
Laser technology is now not only used in the industry.
Co2 lasers are very precise, powerful and versatile.
Co2 lasers are among the most commonly used laser types.
Usually they are used to process a variety of materials and surfaces.
In addition, Co2 laser relatively cheap to buy.

Fiber and YAG lasers are very precise and at high speed

CO2 laser - precise, changeable, powerful

BAISHENG LASER is an established specialist for top-class laser systems. The innovative solutions contribute to increased productivity and significantly reduce operating costs. If you are looking for a fast and flexible laser, the specialist company has the right laser technology in the program. The professional team continues to develop its laser series with fresh ideas. The experts in the laser industry are experienced contacts with extensive know-how. Precise, versatile and powerful, our
CO2 lasers present themselves for a variety of applications such as engraving, welding, cutting, shaping or material processing. In addition to the standard BS series, the new BS line incorporates highly innovative technologies for the machine family.

The new CO2 BAISHENG LASER - maximum laser power on a high-tech level

The new CO2 BAISHENG LASER is a goal-oriented development of reliable Baisheng lasers. While the predecessor models of the BS series are designed in a simple design, the BS line shines with new components for maximum laser performance on a high-tech level. The team of experts specially trained in cutting and engraving machines uses the BS-
CO2 laser in addition to tried-and-tested electronic components, a double-bearing encapsulated axis system and recirculating ball screws for height adjustment. Panels on all drive parts prevent accidents or injuries. The guide system offers the highest processing speeds and the finest precision. The product design could also be changed attractively thanks to the flat axis system. The compact CO2 EX laser meets all expectations for flexibility, economy and productivity. Compared with conventional laser systems, the energy and maintenance costs can be considerably reduced again.

BAISHENG LASER only uses CE-certified components from Siemens, Phönix, Finder, Helukabel or MeanWell. Maximum machine safety is guaranteed by the electronics installed in accordance with European legal order. In this price category, you will not find a comparable CO2 laser machine on the market.

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Delivery costs

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